Twas the Night Before the Marathon

Holy cow, I can’t believe the big day is finally here!  In just about 11 hours I will be making my way into my start corral to begin the biggest challenge of my life so far.  I am a ball of nerves and excitement, and just cannot wait to experience everything that is the great Chicago Marathon! 

The last two weeks have been interesting, to say the least.  My mind has been in overdrive, alternating between confidence and trust in my training, to fear and doubt.  Since I did my homework, I knew in the back of my mind that I must be experiencing a bit of taper madness, and this was all very normal.  Knowing that running extra miles wouldn’t help, and could potentially hurt my chances of a successful finish, I kept to the training program.  Because the runs were shorter and my endurance has improved so much over the last few months (especially since it has gotten cooler) I found a faster pace to be much easier, and had to keep reminding myself that I should be taking it easy and resting my legs for the main event.  Here are my stats for the last two weeks:



In final preparation for the race, I have laid out my clothes, gathered the rest of my gear including gels, ear buds, post race flip flops, compression socks and anything else I could possibly want or need tomorrow.  I feel as though I am prepared and am looking forward to a great day.  The weather is forecast to be perfect…high’s in the mid to upper 60’s, lows in the mid to upper 40’s, low humidity, no rain and a light breeze.  As I have said before, since this is my first marathon I’m not worried about meeting a time goal, I just want to get out there, have fun and finish feeling proud of my accomplishment.  That being said, after weeks of research, trail and error and practice, I feel like I have a solid pacing, hydrating and fueling plan that will hopefully get me across the finish line feeling good. 

Well friends, the next time I write, I hope to be able to count myself in the very, very small percentage of the U.S. population that has finished a marathon!  Until then, good luck to all of my fellow Chicago Marathon runners and happy running!


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