Tuesday Morning Run

Is it really only Tuesday?  Why is it that the week seems to drag on when you have a long weekend coming up?  If you couldn’t tell, I’m really looking forward to my little stay-cation.  🙂 

Today seems to be going especially slow, since my lovely pug had me up even earlier this morning…4:30am and as much as I may have wanted to, I couldn’t let myself go back to bed.  Tonight is the monthly OPRC Girls Night Out, which will be a blast for sure, but that means I won’t be able to squeeze in a training run after work.  Soooo…thank you, Zoe – this is the one time I half appreciated your early morning wake-up call!  Since it seems that my little pug princess makes it into my blog post just about every day, here is a picture of the little squirt all dressed up for Halloween two years ago:


Howdy pardner…looks like there’s a new Sheriff in town!

Isn’t she cute?!  Yeah…not so much at 4:30am!!  Thanks to the tippity tap of this little princesses nails on the kitchen floor, I rolled out of bed, grabbed my running gear and dragged my butt out the door.  I am finally feeling a little better after the lingering exhaustion and headache from Sunday’s scorcher of a half marathon.  My right hammie is still a little tight/sore and my lovely blister is begging me to keep my running shoes and heels in the closet, but overall I am bouncing back pretty darn well. 

I still wanted to take this training run slow since I didn’t really give myself an official rest day (recommendation is two rest days after a half…pffft so much for that…I take my streaking seriously!).  I felt pretty good and was able to get through the three miles easily without little miss negative in my head telling me to give up.  I still find running first thing in the morning to be more difficult than in the evening.  I suspect it has everything to do with nutrition and hydration.  I have a hard enough time getting out of bed early to run, let alone getting out of bed 30 mins to an hour earlier so I can eat and drink something before heading out.  I have no problems on race day, and I know how important nutrition/hydration is, but I love my sleep gosh darn it!  Anyway…here are my stats for this mornings run:




Miles to Date: 78.33

Consecutive Days:  30

Miles to Goal:  51.67

Days Remaining:  9


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Run

  1. A Stay-cation in Yardsville? Great vacation spot. You never need a reservation. 🙂
    Great Blog Carrie! I’m power-walking more now because you inspire me.

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