And then there was calm…

First, I have to apologize for my lack of posts in the last week…what an absolutely crazy busy week it was!  When I last wrote, I told you that I was going to an event and might have an opportunity to meet Bill Clinton.  Unfortunately, I did not get to meet him, but fortunately I did get to see him (from about 100 yards away), hear his wonderful speech, and meet many of Chicago’s most influential and equally impressive business men and women.  Just being in the same room as President Clinton was enough for me.  It was really a unique and once in a lifetime experience that I will NEVER forget. 

Thursday was another busy day.  I got home from work and immediately ran out the door to get my training run in before rushing to get my house and backyard clean and presentable for guests Friday night.  I also had to find time to get to the grocery store before bed to get supplies for the Sangria, tacos and black bean corn salsa quesadilla’s I was planning to serve.  Here are my stat’s for Thursday’s training run (an easy 3 miler):


Clearly, there was something wrong with my Garmin on Thursday.  I do NOT run that fast!!!  I knew something wasn’t right when my 3rd mile beeped about a third of a mile too soon.  I couldn’t get my Garmin to work properly until I was already cooling down by walking and fiddling with it.  I decided that I would just walk the rest of the way home to get the rest of my miles in for the day.  I walked .30 of a mile in just under 5 minutes which would average out to about 31 minutes for the whole 3 miles, which is much closer to my normal easy pace.

I was expecting company Friday night so I got up early to get my 1 miler in to maintain my streak.  Friday is supposed to be a rest day and I had a race on tap for Saturday so I ran the mile nice and easy.  Here are my stats:


Friday night was a blast.  It was a nice evening of conversation with friends that I haven’t seen in quite some time.  It’s always nice to catch up with friends over good food and drinks. 

Saturday began early with a nice ride up to Libertyville for a race with a friend from run club (thanks again for driving Jessica!).  We arrived at the Run for Boston 5K just before the rain.  As we checked-in and got our packets it began to sprinkle and by the time we began our warm up it was full-fledged drizzling.  We didn’t mind though, the race was for a great cause and we were determined to do our part.  The race was organized by the Chicago Running Bloggers community and Muddy Monk Trail Running.  Thanks to their hard work in securing sponsors, 100% of the registration fees (not proceeds!!) will be donated to the Who Says I Can’t Foundation to benefit those injured in the tragic Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013.  The race offered two options, an in person race and a virtual run where you run wherever you want and submit your time via email – a great touch and great way to maximize donations.  All runners, whether they participated in person or virtually, received an awesome gender specific technical t-shirt and a great water bottle.  I originally registered for the virtual run, but am so glad that Jessica asked me if I wanted to ride with her to the in person event.  Not only was this a great event for a great cause, but the course was absolutely beautiful (despite the rain) and I had a lot of fun with a new friend.  Jessica nailed the race and brought home a new PR of 20:09 (I hope to be as fast as her someday!) and I brought home a PR* of 27:56. 

I had to get in 6 miles on Saturday to complete my training for the day so after an almost 2 mile warm-up (1.94) and a 5K, we stuck around and cooled-down with a nice and easy 2.55 mile jog.  Here are my stats or our warm-up and cool-down:





After the race I took a bit of a nap (I was exhausted from all of the sleep I missed during the week) and then Josh and I went out to get a bite to eat before heading over to the Lincoln Park Zoo for the LivingSocial Beer Fest.  Luckily, we arrived early and were able to get in some good tastings before it got too crowded.  Most of the animals were either not out or asleep, but we did manage to see the Polar Bear, a Hyena, a Sun Bear and some monkeys.  When we finally made our way to the Chimps I couldn’t believe my eyes.  They were all fast asleep on their burlap sacks, despite the room full of loud conversations, music and dummies using flash photography to take picture of their funny sleeping positions. It was wild, they almost looked fake!  Here is a funny photo of one of the Chimps sleeping in a funny position:


Sunday was another full day of celebrating two great men in my life.  I had a nice conversation with my Dad and am so excited for him that his hot rod is finally ready to roll!  I wish I could have spent some time with him this Father’s Day, and it’s times like this that I wish I lived closer so I could show him just how much I love him and appreciate everything he has done for me and my family.  Maybe next year I will be able to celebrate him in person, but this year I will honor him here.  I love you Daddio – thanks for all you do!  Here is my favorite picture of me and my Dad – after some laughter during our father-daughter dance at my wedding, he got me all choked up when he said something very sweet to me.  This photo is me trying my hardest to choke back the tears – clearly an unsuccessful attempt.  Thank you to Horatio with Studio Four Photography for catching such a great shot, I will treasure it forever!


I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to my father-in-law as well.  I really lucked out in the in-law department.  Not only is my father-in-law a great father to my husband and brother-in-law, he has welcomed me into his family with open arms and treated me not as a daughter-in-law, but as if I was his own.  Thank you for all of your love and support, Jeff!

After a day full of playing with kitties, a Father’s Day movie outing (we saw Man of Steel…GREAT flick!) and dinner, I somehow found time to squeeze in a one miler to keep the streak alive.  It was dark so I slowed it down a bit (I’m a klutz and find I trip over lips in the sidewalk a lot when it’s dark)…here are my stats:


Lastly, after a busy day at work today and a handful of Benadryl (I a weird hive/rash thing going on – might be a heat rash or an allergic reaction since it’s on my neck right where my hair rests) I managed to eke out an easy three miler for my Monday training run.  I felt pretty good despite the Benadryl educed drowsiness and the suffocating heat (it was 86 degrees!).  The breeze coming from the west made it tolerable, if only for a half mile at a time.  Here are my stats for today:


Since this post is already long enough, I will close with an update to my #RWRUNSTREAK:

Miles to Date: 50.6

Consecutive Days:  22

Miles to Goal:  79.4

Days Remaining:  17


*Not entirely sure the course was a full 3.1 miles, my Garmin said it was short by about .15, but given the issues it was having earlier in the week I don’t know how much I believe it.  There have been no complaints from other runners so I’m going with it.


2 thoughts on “And then there was calm…

  1. Congrats on the PR! I have seen a few other bloggers say the course was .1 to .15 short as well, but if the race doesn’t acknowledge it… lol.

    What kind of hot rod does your dad have? 🙂

    • Thank you!! Even if it was short, it was a great race for a great cause. My dad has a 40’s (I think it’s a ’47), Ford truck with a chopped top…it’s pretty sweet (and fast)!

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