No Excuses!

Have you ever had one of those days where you just didn’t feel “right”?  You were tired all day or maybe even had an ailment of some kind?  Well, that was me yesterday.  I had a hard time waking up again (I think I need an actual sleep-in day – no getting up to take the dog out and going back to bed – hint, hint, wonderful husband of mine!) and ate like crap for lunch (I need to remove the word cheeseburger from my vocabulary) so I felt like I had a brick sitting in the bottom of my stomach all afternoon.  I had an appointment after work last night, so I didn’t get home until about 7:45pm, but I was determined to get my training run in for the day before calling it a night.  I set out on my run and just felt blah, like someone or something had zapped all my energy.  Then came the stomach cramps.  I tried to ignore them and was able to at first, but after the first mile they started getting stronger and stronger.  All I wanted to do was finish my run and curl up in the fetal position on the couch.  I alternated between running and walking when the cramps got too intense, just praying that I could get through the run and back home without getting sick.  Normally, I would have quit (and I really, really wanted to) but I am working hard at pushing through and not giving up so easily.  My new motto is “no excuses…just run”.  Besides, it was only day two of training…far too early to be giving up or missing runs.  Luckily, after an epically slow run, I made it home without incident and was able to curl up on the couch like I wanted to.  Here are my stats for this run:




My stomach must have really been mad at me and rebelling against my greasy and unhealthy lunch choice yesterday because I felt much better when I woke up this morning (thank goodness!).  I got up at 5am today (yes, I actually got out of bed and didn’t go straight back!) so I could get my streak run in early since I was presented with an opportunity to attend and assist at a very cool, once in a lifetime event downtown tonight so I will be getting home very late.  I’m sad to miss speed work with my run club as well as a fun outing with them to see “Spirit of the Marathon II“, but I just couldn’t say no to this event…I mean, how could I pass up an opportunity to meet BILL CLINTON!  I have no idea if I will actually meet the man, but my chances are pretty good.  Anyway, the run was decent considering I was sick last night, didn’t eat dinner and didn’t eat breakfast before I ran.  I could definitely tell that I didn’t have enough fuel and was probably slightly dehydrated.  Here are my stats for today:





Miles to Date: 35

Consecutive Days:  17

Miles to Goal:  95

Days Remaining:  22



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