Aaaand I’m Back!

What a strange day today was.  It all started with a thunderstorm at 3am and a very loud clap of thunder that woke me up from a deep sleep.  I literally jumped and my heart was in my throat…I hate when that happens!  After the adrenaline wore off and I finally got back to sleep, the dog woke me up at 6am for her usual early morning walk.  Instead of just staying up and getting some strength work in, I stupidly laid back down in bed and had just enough time to get back into a deep sleep when the alarm went off.  When it was time to roll out of bed I could barely keep my eyes open.  I felt like I was in a fog all day – even after 2 cans of diet coke and a bottle of diet iced tea.  It wasn’t until I got home, geared up and forced myself out the door for the first real running day of marathon training that I perked up.  It almost feels as though I have my days and nights flipped as I sit here wide awake now. :/

Anyway, tonight’s run was pretty darn good overall.  The weather was beautiful – a little on the humid side, but the breeze felt great.  My legs felt like they were at about 90% today with only minimal soreness after the run, and that went away after about 5 minutes of walking and stretching.  With only one puff off my inhaler before the run, I was happy that my breathing felt pretty good tonight too.  Here are my stats for this run:


Now that my body is back in the game, I really need to work on eating better and getting my mind in the right place.  The non-runner in my head has been rearing it’s ugly head lately, telling me to give up much too easily.  It’s so much easier to keep going when I’m running with someone else or a group, because I don’t want to slow them down or look like a wuss in front of them.  This week I’m going to work on pushing through the doubt and negative thoughts that have railroaded many of my runs lately.  No more excuses…if I want to cross that finish line this October, giving up is no longer an option!  I think I need a mantra to help get me through when I want to give up.  Any suggestions?



Miles to Date: 30.97

Consecutive Days:  15

Miles to Goal:  99.03

Days Remaining:  24


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