Let the training begin!

This weekend was the last week of the quarter at DePaul, which meant I had two papers due.  I knew those papers would take up quite a bit of my time, but I didn’t account for the total lack of focus I had.  I always find it hard to focus at the end of the quarter because I just want it to be over with already.  Regardless, I finished one assignment on Saturday and got half way through the second assignment before calling it quits for the day.  I then went out for a run, intending to get at least 6 miles in.  Well, unfortunately, I only got in three.  My legs felt MUCH better than they have, but I made a few rookie mistakes before even heading out the door.  Even though I have been running for a while, I still make mistakes, even when I know better.  Yesterday’s mistakes include:

Rookie Mistake #1 – Not Properly Fueling Up – Like a dummy, I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast at 9:30am and didn’t eat again until 3:30pm when I ate a CLIF bar, thinking I should eat SOMETHING before heading out for a run.  Note to self, 600 calories consumed over 6 hours is NOT enough to fuel my body for a six mile run – DUH!

Rookie Mistake #2 – Not Properly Hydrating– That’s right, somehow I thought that a can of diet coke at 9:30am and a half glass of water at 3pm would get me through.  I tend to drink a lot less when I’m home on the weekends.  I get busy with school work or house work and just don’t have a glass of water in front of me at all times like I do at work.  On weekends that I am racing, I try to be much more cognizant of drinking enough water, but since I wasn’t racing this weekend my running brain was apparently switched to the “off” position.  It became obvious that I wasn’t properly hydrated somewhere around mile 1.5 when my mouth turned into the Mojave – yuck.

Rookie Mistake #3 – Not Bringing Water– The Mojave mouth could have been cured, if I was smart enough to wear my Fuel Belt, or plan my route around a park with water fountains.  Clearly, I did neither.  Generally speaking, I have never worn my Fuel Belt for a run less than 10 miles.  But then again, I have never run more than 6 miles in this temperature.  All of my 6+ mile runs have been done in the winter when humidity is as low as the temperatures and there is very little sweating going on.  Looks like I will be planning out a new route to include water fountains this week or wearing my Fuel Belt when needed!

Even though I didn’t reach my goal of six miles, I still consider the run a small victory since my legs appear to be on the mend.  Here are my stats for my THREE mile run:


Today was a much slower day.  My husband and I were out way past my bed time last night having a great time chatting and playing pinball at our neighbors house.  The late bedtime and the *couple* 😉 glasses of wine I had made for an excellent opportunity to sleep in until 10am like I was a teenager again (after a 6am dog walk, of course).  Once I finally woke up and ate some breakfast, I got to work on my second assignment.  I was happy when I clicked the “Submit” button around 1pm that I decided to celebrate by watching a movie (because I finally could without feeling guilty) before heading out for today’s workout.

Marathon training “officially” starts tomorrow, but I consider Sunday the beginning of my training week so I guess that means training starts today!!!  Last week when I mapped out my training plan, I decided that Sunday (a cross training day) would be reserved for a bike ride and hill repeats.  While checking on the laundry before getting ready to head out something told me to check my bike and make sure it was ready to go.  Good thing I did, the tires were practically flat.  Oops, I forgot to buy a pump when I bought the bike, helmet and lock a month ago.  Detour to Target!!!  I finally got home around 5pm and got myself together.  Since Oak Park is really flat, I rode over to the track where my club meets on Wednesday nights for speed work to run the bleachers, but there was a soccer game in progress on the field so I decided to ride back to the park by my house that has the only hill in all of Oak Park.  After just over a 4 mile ride, I ran 10 repeats (sprint up and walk down) and rode home to get in my one full mile for the streak.  Here are my stats for today’s quick one miler:


The slower run on Saturday as well as the Icy Hot have made a big difference.  I am happy to report that my leg pain is just about gone now.  They are still a little sore, but I would say that they are about 75% better than they were earlier in the week.  Just in time for training to begin!

Now, this wouldn’t be a post without at #RWRUNSTREAK update, so here it is! :):

Miles to Date: 27.97

Consecutive Days:  14

Miles to Goal:  102.03

Days Remaining:  25


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