Happy National Running Day!


Happy National Running Day to all of my fellow runners!  When I woke up this morning I fully intended on attempting to run about 5 miles at speed work to celebrate, but I wasn’t sure if my leg pain would allow it.  After applying the pain reliever last night, my leg felt much better and it continued to feel pretty good throughout the day today.  There was some soreness after sitting for a while, so I decided to give ice a try.  I still felt pretty good when it was time to leave work so I changed into my run gear and evacuated. 

I had to make a quick stop to pick up my new phone at the store on the way to the track, but I planned to be there on time or a few minutes late, but not much.  Well, what should have taken 10 minutes, took over an hour…so much for making an appointment!  I sat and waited to be helped for about 45 minutes, meanwhile people who came in the door after me without appointments were being helped.  I was really starting to lose my patience when they FINALLY called my name.  The exchange process literally took 15 minutes – tops, but it was already too late to go to the track.  Surely the workout was almost over since it was already 7:30pm.

I couldn’t just not run today though, after all, it’s a “holiday” and I had to at least try to keep my streak alive.  I rushed home, parked my car in the garage, came in the back door, said hello to my husband and immediately went right back out the front door.  My new goal was to do at least 2 miles tonight since it was getting dark pretty quickly.  The run started off with the same sharp pain I have been feeling for a few weeks now, but it gradually started to dissipate.  It was definitely noticeable the entire run, but not nearly as bad as it was last night and I was able to get in a slower two miles before it got too dark.  Mission accomplished for the day!  Here are my stats:


Now it’s off to fight with my new phone!  Goodnight all, I hope you had a great day celebrating your love for running!

Here is today’s #RWRUNSTREAK update:

Miles to Date: 20.78

Consecutive Days:  10

Miles to Goal:  109.22

Days Remaining:  29


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