Running + Wedding = FUN

The last two days have been busy, as usual.  Sometimes I wonder how I’m ever going to fit in a mid-week 10 miler during marathon training, but I know I will…I have to!  I’m confident that through this process I will become a MASTER at time management!  🙂 

Yesterday was a busy day at work, but I had to leave on time – I had a wedding to go to!  This wedding was not just your ordinary wedding, it was very special and unique – let me tell you why.  You see, the run club I belong to meets every Monday night for a “fun run”.  Two members, Ann and Ray, met and fell in love through run club and wanted to include their run club family in their special day.  What better way to do this then to celebrate where it all began…with a very special Monday night run!  That’s right friends, I ran the most fun and special 2.68 miles of my life last night.  The weather was perfect and love was certainly in the air.  The club met at our usual meeting spot (The Competitive Foot) and with the bride (looking beautiful in a cute white run outfit complete with veil) and groom (looking dapper in his top hat, tuxedo shirt and jacket) leading the way, we ran to the ceremony site – the park we run by every week.  After a lovely and heartwarming ceremony full of love the bride and groom, holding a “Just Married” sign, led the way back to the store for a great dinner as well as a bouquet and SPI-Belt toss.  Though I haven’t known Ann and Ray for very long, their love for each other was evident from the moment I met them and I am so lucky to have been invited to be a part of such a special and happy occasion.  Congrats Ann and Ray…best wishes for a long and happy life together!!!  Here are my stats for this very special wedding day:


Today began early with the dog asking to go out at 4am again.  I don’t know how her schedule got so off whack, but I really wish she would get back on her “normal” schedule of 7am walks!  Thank goodness for my little friend, caffeine!  🙂  I had every intention of running an easy 3 miles tonight but apparently my body had different plans.  Unfortunately, that nagging leg pain has gotten worse over the last few days.  Typically, the pain is sharp at the beginning of my run, but after a few minutes it seems to subside or even disappear altogether.  Not so much tonight.  Every step I took sent a shock of pain to my brain telling me to stop.  I noticed I was overcompensating for the pain and was still run/limping after more than half a mile.  After a slow and painful mile I decided enough was enough.  After all, I only had to do one mile today to keep my streak alive and I have learned to listen to my body when it tells me something isn’t right.  After all, marathon training starts next week and I want to be healthy so I have the best chance of crossing the finish line this October. 

Pushing through the pain could lead to injury and blow my marathon dreams out of the water before I even began my journey.  I ended up walking the mile and a half home wincing as the muscle contracted every few minutes sending a shooting pain down my leg.  When I finally got home, I slathered on some Perform pain reliever (no burning like Icy Hot, thank goodness!) and after about 30 minutes the muscle contractions finally stopped.  Here are my stats for tonight’s epic failure of a run:


Tomorrow is speed work, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it.  I plan to show up and use my warm-up laps to gauge how my leg feels and go from there.  I’m not sure where this pain is coming from, but I really hope to get this resolved soon, even if it means falling short of my streak mileage goal.  The marathon is most important right now.  If a rest is necessary to keep me healthy, so be it.  I can always go streaking again next year!

Here is my #RWRUNSTREAK update:

Miles to Date: 18.78

Consecutive Days:  9

Miles to Goal:  111.22

Days Remaining:  30


2 thoughts on “Running + Wedding = FUN

  1. Aww, I love hearing about Ann and Ray’s wedding! I have known Erin for a few years and know quite a few people in OPRC. I love that they had their wedding this way 🙂

    I hope your leg gets better! Ugh!

    • It was the best wedding I have ever been to, hands down! 🙂

      Thank you for your well wishes…a little bit of R-I-C-E and I should be right as rain. Can’t keep me down 😉

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