Another Busy Day

Well, another busy day is in the books!  Today was full of work, homework, family and of course, running!  We started summer hours at work today, which means I get to leave work at 3:30 or 4pm on Fridays until Labor Day.  Hooray!  🙂  I left work a little after 4pm today and headed straight to Michaels (the craft store) to pick-up supplies to finish a few projects I’ve been sitting on for a while.  One of the projects is a scrapbook for all of my race bibs.  I plan to give each bib it’s own page and write my time as well as any other important information about the race under the bib.  I also plan to make a set of mason jar lanterns to go on the new fence in our backyard.  The goal is to make a neat adult hang-out where we can host get-togethers with neighbors and friends this summer.

Anyway – after Michaels, I rushed home to get started on my research proposal for school.  I am the world’s biggest procrastinator when it comes to writing papers for school, and this assignment was no different.  The assignment is due by 9pm tomorrow (Saturday) night and I hadn’t touched it yet this week.  Also, the family is going to see The Book of Mormon tomorrow, which means that I really had to have the assignment done by the time I went to bed tonight.  Luckily, I had a lot of the main components completed from previous assignments in the class, so the project was a lot of cut and paste with a little bit of new writing. 

Meanwhile, I learned that my in-laws brought home two new kittens today – I just HAD to go play with them!!  This meant that not only did I have to finish my paper tonight, I had to run (to keep my streak going) and meet the new family members.  So what is a busy streaker to do?!  Easy!  RUN to my in-laws house!  Luckily they only live about 2.5 miles away, so it’s not a big deal, other than the fact that I arrive out of breath and sweaty.  🙂  It really is a win-win – I get to spend time with family and get a good workout in.  Hooray for multitasking!  Here are my stats for tonight’s run:


Like I said, tomorrow is family day.  We are going to see The Book of Mormon and then to dinner.  This means I really have to get out bed and get my run in early.  Must keep the streak going!!!  Speaking of the streak – here the numbers to date:


Miles to Date: 10 (I totally forgot about the 3 miles I ran on Tuesday when I posted last night!)

Consecutive Days:  5

Miles to Goal:  120

Days Remaining:  34


4 thoughts on “Another Busy Day

    • I want to make one of those too! The only problem is the majority of race shirts are technical material now, instead of cotton. Will it still work with that material?

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