More Speed Work Fun

What a day! After working a little late today, I left the office and headed for speed work with my run club. I arrived early, thinking I had plenty of time to use the restroom and warm-up. Surprise!!! I had completely forgotten that most colleges are done for the summer, so many of the facilities are locked-up – including the ladies room by the track! I knew I wouldn’t make it through the workout so I quickly went on a bathroom hunt and found myself at the local McDonalds about a mile or so away. I was running a little late and seriously considered just going home, but I somehow guilted myself into going, even though I was running late. I’m so glad I did! Tonight was a really good night and I felt pretty strong!

We started out with a three lap warm-up jog, some stretching and of course, the dreaded drills. We then moved on to two sets of striders and then 8-10 x 400’s at 5K pace with a one minute rest between each and a 2:30 rest at the halfway point. Today’s lunch appeared to be “just right” as I didn’t get slosh stomach and I didn’t really run out of gas. My hydration was right on too, but I may have overdone the Gatorade, especially since I’m not used to drinking it. After a quarter of a small bottle I started to feel my stomach rebel. Tonight, I ran eight of the ten 400’s and managed to keep within or under my training range. Six of the eight were under 2 minutes (1:55ish) and the remaining 2 were just over 2 minutes (2:08ish). The McMillan Running Calculator indicates that my training range for speed 400’s is 2:01-2:09. We finished off the workout with a cool down – I did three barefoot laps on the turf again…this is probably my favorite part of the workout. I may have overdone it a little with the faster 400’s, but I felt good and am motivated to keep getting faster and faster. I would really like to place in a race at some point. I know this is a long way off, but a girl can dream can’t she?!

Tomorrow is another busy day for me and I’m already strategizing how I will get my run in. I have to hurry home to take out the pug and then speed over to Lincoln Park to pick-up my race packet for this weekend’s 5K. It looks like tomorrow will either be an early morning or late night run, but I’m terrible about getting out of bed in the morning so I’m betting it will be a late night! 😉

Happy running and have a great day tomorrow!

P.S. HAWKS WIN!!!! 🙂


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