I’m Going Streaking!

That’s right…I’m doing the Runner’s World 2013 Summer Challenge again this year! The goal is to run at least one mile a day, every day from Memorial Day to Independence Day (a 38 day run streak). Last year I logged 65 miles, and this year my goal is to at least double that. I started the streak with a quick one miler to see if I could do any better than the one mile time trial I did two weeks ago. I knew that was a bad day, so I wanted to get a time on a day that I felt pretty good. I am happy to report that I ran an 8:30 today…almost a full minute faster than my time trial! I am now confident that by the time speed training is over, I will be able to run an under 8 minute mile. Hopefully I will be able to maintain the 8:30 pace for more than one mile soon too! Here are my stats for today’s run:


Also, it has been a week since my last post – mainly because last week was a very busy week. I was a little sore from the half marathon on Monday, so I opted for a rest day. I had an appointment after work on Tuesday, and Wednesday I had to work late (no speed work :(). Thursday was a ton of fun – I went to a girls night out and bachelorette party with my run club (Congrats Ann!) I finally got around to having my hair done (I was WAY overdue for a cut and color) on Friday, and Saturday was a homework catch-up day.

Sunday I ran a sloooooow 5K – the Race to the Flag in Westmont, IL. I was feeling a little off thanks to a three day long headache (I’m feeling much better today), so I wasn’t expecting much, but I was certainly hoping to at least run a sub 29 min race. Not so much…I ended up running a mediocre 30:19…oh well, can’t PR them all, right?!

The race was a very small community race with maybe 400 participants, but it was well organized and offered a great course. I would definitely consider running it again next year. Here are my stats for the race:


And here is a photo of me as I crossed the finish line (I think I need a cool pair of athletic sunglasses – what do you think?):



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