Speed Work – Week 2

Today was another beautiful day in Chicago…a bit on the warm side, but an overall gorgeous day! Today also marked week 2 of Wednesday night speed work with my running club. After a three lap warm-up we completed two laps of drills and then did some stretching. We moved on to 2 sets of striders and then did 2×400’s. This week, I picked up the pace on the 400’s, keeping in line with my suggested training range to reach my next goal of a sub-25 minute 5K.

We then completed a one mile time trial to set our baseline for the program. I felt like I ran out of gas after the first lap and a half and ended up running a 9:24, which is just a hair slower then my 5K pace from the race on Saturday – unacceptable! I know we all have good days and bad days – today was an “eh” day for me. Every day and every run is a learning experience and finding the perfect balance when it comes to nutrition, hydration and clothing can be a challenge. Learning my lesson from last week, I ate an earlier and lighter lunch today, but I think I went too light this time. I feel as though I have the clothing figured out, but I still have work to do when it comes to nutrition and hydration.

On a positive note, we ended the workout with two barefoot laps on the turf. It felt really good to stretch my feet – I think I might make this a part of my regular routine going forward!

The rest of the week will be quiet as I rest up for this weekend’s half-marathon. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!


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