Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I know I shouldn’t complain, but I have been spoiled by the beautiful weather lately.  This morning and early afternoon were pretty nice, but as soon as I left work it started to sprinkle.  Of course it would rain – today was a mid-distance day.  Technically, Wednesday’s are supposed to be my mid-distance day (increasing from 3 to 5 miles over the course of my half-marathon training program), with Tuesday and Thursday being easy days (3 miles) and Saturday the long run.  Since I will now be doing speed work on Wednesday’s I have decided to push the mid-distance run to Thursday and skip the second easy day.  Though running in the rain isn’t the worst thing in the world, it is certainly not the most enjoyable either.  I usually run with music, even though I couldn’t really tell you what songs I heard…I mainly use it for background noise and the beat helps me keep pace without staring at my Garmin every two seconds.  Unfortunately, on rainy days, I have to leave my phone at home, to ensure it doesn’t get wet (I would be LOST without my phone!).  No phone = no music!

Despite the lack of tunes and the annoying drizzle in my face/eyes, the run went pretty well. I felt pretty good and kept a decent pace that was well within my suggested training paces.  Here are my stats for today:


Tomorrow is a rest day in preparation for this weekend’s 5K race.  Finger’s crossed for a sub-30 time or at least a new PR!


2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away!

  1. Put your phone in a plastic sandwich baggie! You can just punch the headphones through the baggie and all will stay dry. I do it all the time. Running in the rain can actually feel really refreshing. Especially when it’s humid or hot!

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