Tuesday Easy Run

What a beautiful day it was today!  We reached a high of 79 degrees with bright and beautiful sunshine.  I couldn’t wait to get home from work to enjoy the summer-like weather with an easy Tuesday night run.  

Though my marathon training plan doesn’t technically start until June 10th, I am working on finishing up a half marathon training program in preparation for a race on May 19th.  I’m looking forward to having another half under my belt…hopefully it will help me feel a little better about my ability to run a full! 

Here are my stats for today:


 I felt pretty good despite rushing out the door and forgetting my inhaler.  I remembered somewhere around mile 2 when the elephant made an appearance, but I pushed through and focused on finishing the workout strong.  I’m slowly getting used to running in warmer weather, and noticed that the heat isn’t bothering me quite as much as it was a week or two ago.

Tomorrow is the first day of Wednesday night speed work hosted by my running club.  I’m hoping to gain some speed and finally run a sub-30 5K at this weekend’s race.  Fingers crossed!


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