And so it begins…

“Keep your dream in front of you. Never let it go regardless of how farfetched it might seem.”
-Hal Higdon
For the next five months, I will live by these words. I have chosen to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October, which means I will be training through the heat of summer…rain or shine, 80 degrees or 100. I have never run further than 13.1 miles, but by the end of my training I will have doubled this distance. When I think about it too much, it seems impossible…how could I possibly achieve this goal. Will my body allow me to go the distance? Mind over matter right? It has become obvious to me that not only do I have to train my body to handle the distance, but I have to train my mind as well. I have to keep my dream and my goals in mind as I go forward on this journey.


4 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Looking forward to meeting you at the finish line! I do my long runs in Glen Ellyn on Sunday if you ever want to join my 10 minute pace group. We start at 6:30am though…

      • I also noticed on the Oak Park Runners Facebook page that several other people are going to Waterfall Glen on Saturdays. Also early (7am). You might want to consider both options.

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